Post modernism narratives

Non linear narrative

  • flashbacks
  • Flash forwards
  • Audience expectations


multiple perspectives

different view points from each character


borrowing and re-using in another context without changing from other films/tv (‘stealing features from other films’)


targeting a small audience


Targeting a larger audience

Hyper consciousness

  • The film is aware its a film
  • Characters talking to the audience
  • ‘breaking the fourth wall’  e.g wolf of wall street
  • Talking to the camera/ narrating


‘Fragmented’ (broken down)




Post modernism


Post-modernism is fundamentally the electric (variety) mixture of any tradition with that of it’s immediate past: it is both the continuation of modernism and it’s transcendence.

Screening: films analysis

 Shaun of the dead (2004)


synopsis: Shaun is in his 30’s and currently in a minor crisis, he works at a electronics store and lives in the outskirts of London with his best friend Ed, His girlfriend is getting sick of doing the same things all the time e.g Winchester pub and had enough of Shaun not taking any responsibility and his lack of ambition and responsibility. When the town they live in is over ran with zombies he feels it is his duty to protect Liz and his mother.


  • pastiche: Taking features out of day of the dead (“we’re coming to get you Barbera”)
  • Hybrid genre (horror and Rom-com)
  • Mainstream: targeting a large audience
  • Contradiction
  • fragmentation

I like the idea how Simon peg and Nick frost have taken features from other films such as day of the dead and included it in shaun of the dead (pastiche). I would like to include pastiche features within my film I just need to find a film that has similar characteristis to mine.



Memento consists of two separate stories of Leonard life, Leonard is an ex-insurance investigator who has a condition which is that he has short term memory loss, he forgets anything that has happened in the last couple minutes and before, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.


  • black humour: when leonard is running away when being chased he says ‘I don’t remember if i am the one being chased or I am the one chasing him, this is black humour as it turns a serious matter into a joke.
  • Temporal distortion: fragmented narrative, within Memento the time is distorted, the skips to one part of the film then to something else but the more you watch the more it makes sense and the more you see how it all links up.
  • hypereality: Leonard chooses the simulation over reality at the end or rather the beginning that Leonard had already killed john g (person who killed his wife) over a year ago but can not remember when it was due to his poor memory condition.

Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)



In the 1930’s, the Grand Budapest Hotel is a European ski resort ran by concierge M. Gustave. the lobby boy, Zero becomes Gustave’s friend and protege. Gustave is proud for providing first-class service to the hotel’s guests, as well as satisfying the sexual needs of the many elderly women who stay there. When one of Gustave’s regular guest/ friend dies mysteriously, Gustave finds himself in her will to inherit a priceless painting but is also the chief suspect in her murder.


  • Paranoia: The story consists of the characters creating chaos because of their struggle to follow the social system.
  • Pastiche: exaggerates the paranoia within the film
  • Simulacra: a ‘fantasy land’, a simulation and withholds historical events and landmarks
  • hyperre

I am going to be using paranoia in my film as Felix (main character) will be freaking out more and more as the days go by. and i will also be using simulacra. this is because Felix will be in a world of his own  of technology (in a fantasyland).


Planning: Narratives


Felix is 13 year old boy who lives his life in the present, as you know technology is everyhwere in this day and age and the younger generation are growing up with new electronic products. Just like any other teenager Felix loves social media and game consols its only a matter of time before he become obsessed. Felix soon becomes oblivious to the fact that his days are repeating themselves but he is to engaged in the technology world to realise as he does the same thing each day so it seems like his day is no different to any other. He soon begins to notice that things keep reoccurring and  begins to start to panic more and more as each day goes by. As he gets to the breaking point of going mad he runs outside of the house away from the technology, he instantly feels calmer and soon after walks back in but doesn’t notice everything re occurring.

Step outline

Step 1: Felix wakes up and sees a text from his mate saying ‘come on xbox’,  he immediately gets up and sets up his console, he then puts his head phones on walks down stairs and gets some breakfast  but smashes a glass when doing so, he cleans it up and goes back to his room.

Step 2: Felix begins to play on his xbox as well as watching something on his laptop with his mobile and iPad next to him.

Step 3: A few hours later (supposedly) Felix’s mum comes into his room and says he’s been playing on his electronics for hours and needs to go out and get some fresh air, Felix ignores her advice and tells her to go away.

Step 4: Before Felix knows it its the evening and time for his dinner, his mum explains that he is always on his electronics and is changing as a person but Felix gets angry with his mum and cuts her out by putting his headphones on. He then goes back to his room and continues to play his game and go on social media until late at night.

Step 5: Felix wakes up from the same text as he received from his friend the day before but thinks nothing of it, he doesn’t realise that it is the same and time and date that his friend sent the text as well. Again Felix gets up and goes to get his breakfast (which was the exact same as the day before) but smashes the same glass the exact same way but again doesn’t realise it happened yesterday.

Step 6: Felix’s mum comes into his room at the same time and attempts to have the same conversation with Felix, Felix denies that he is constantly on his gadgets and again tells his mum to go away. It gets to dinner again and Felix’s mum has the same conversation with Felix as they did at the night before. Felix just thinks his mum is nagging him to get off his electronics and doesn’t do as is asked.

Step 7: Wakes up same time, same text from friend crosses Felix’s mind but thinks his mate is just messing about, Felix goes downstairs to get his breakfast, same breakfast is there all ready made for him, he sees the glass in the same place where he smashed it so he moves it (starting to realise the same things are happening and trying to avoid them from happening). he then goes back up to his room with his headphones one.

Step 8: Felix’s mum again goes into felix’s room tells him again to go outside, Felix just gives her an unusual look like she keeps repeating the same things on purpose. As she leaves the room Felix thinks about why the same things keep repeating but realises he’s in the middle of game and snaps out of it, but really he’s just falling back into the simulation of technology and no longer thinks why things are reoccurring. As Felix plays his on his games everything around him within the house and outside is repeating itself each day .

Step 9:  Phone text wakes up felix, felix messages his friend in panic, he goes downstairs and sees the same breakfast ready for him then goes back upstairs but choses not to go on his console, Felix thinks more and more why things are reoccurring, then his mum comes into his room says the same thing, Felix gets stressed and only then he remembers hearing and seeing things inside and outside the house repeating themselves each day. Felix knows that it was because he was constantly on some electronic that was distracting him what was happening around him.

Step 10: Felix goes round switching all his electronics off but nothing seems to change for the end of that day everything is still repeating itself, Felix is getting more worried and anxious, he goes to sleep

Step 11: Felix up, looks at the clock and its a different time to what he had previously been waking up to, goes to check his phone but choses not to, goes downstairs theres a different breakfast his mum is wearing different clothes the weather is different nothing has been smashed, he turns his phone on to check any texts from his friend but no texts are there including the ‘come on xbox’ text. was it a dream?


Production log narratives

week 1

During the first week of this unit we started by researching about postmodernism and how it contributes to society and and in what forms it can come in, I mainly looked at how postmodernism fits into film, art and architecture. when researching about postmodernism I watched variety of postmodern films: Shaun of the Dead, Triangle, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Memento, and Hardcore Henry.

week 2

In the second week we created storyboards showing our understanding of postmodernism and also analysing some of the postmodern films we watched by explaining some of the postmodern characteristics and including short clips from the films. Also started to create a pitch which will show my film idea and what postmodern characteristics will be included.

Week 3

I started my postmodern essay explain postmodernism and the theories within it and how they fall into films. I also started my pre production planning, First I did my step out line giving a rough explanation about my film and what will be happening within it. and continuing to analyse the post modern films.

week 4

finished step outline and postmodern essay and also started script for my postmodern film, this will be what will be done and said in the scenes of the film. and finished film pitch and presented to the class and lecturer

week 5

carried on with writing my script and cut and stuck work into my sketch book such as postmodern art/artists and architecture/ architects and some information about their products.

week 6

Finished writing script then moved on to creating my storyboard which will show the shot types and what will be in the scene. and created my own test product to practise my skills before producing my final piece

week 7

Carried on working on storyboard and also worked on essay and took some footage for my film.

week 8

Finished off the last parts of my storyboard and shot some more footage for my film and started to edit my film using premier. As i didn’t have all my shots there was a mixture of   of shots from different scenes within my film so I only included the ones I were able to use.

week 9

Film some more footage and continued to edit in premiere, I imported the new shots into my film until a certain point until I could do no more due to I needed more footage to finish. Finished my essay and stuck imagery and text and planning into my sketchbook.


Post modern art/ architecture

Damien Hirst: Love of God


I have personally seen the piece of art by Hirst and can say it is a lot different top other pieces of art, I think it is very unique as it is a real human skull and is completely covered in diamonds. I think this is modern art as not many people would think of doing something like this which also makes it even more unique.


Banksy: Barcode cage leopard


I like this piece of art as it is well thought through and I like how the barcode has been made to look like a cage in which the bars have been bent so the leopard has escaped, I also like how some of his art gets washed away as it is spray paint on buildings (which is illegal) so you are lucky to see some of his work as it may not always be there.


Fangyuan mansion


I like this post modern building as it is very unique as not many buildings are circular, as you can see most of the other buildings are more rectangular so this makes this building stand out.


Post Modernism photography/ photographers moodboard


  • David Lachapelle
  • Sandy Skoglund
  • Martin Parr


Slinkachu is a London based post modern photographer, he is originally from Devon UK and his real name is Stuart Pantoll. He was born in 1979 but for the last 10 years he has been shooting miniature tableaux in the streets of London, this is a genre of photography/art, this an be defined as and piece of art that an be held in the palm of a person’s hand or covers less Than 100cm squared.

Slinkachu’s work is described as ‘funny, touching, fantastical and unsettling’ so there is a mixture of emotions that you would feel when seeing his work.

When he first started taking photos he would use his old train set figures ‘the little people’ then he began to get others of model shops and eBay and would paint them with acrylic paint.

Slinkachu never train as a professional photographer, he was mainly self taught apart from lessons at college/ University. He uses a Canon 5D mk2 but use to use a simple digital camera to capture his shots then after upgraded to a Canon 400D.

He often leaves his miniatures on the streets where did them, he has done work in many different countries and cities such as berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, Cape town etc.

He comes up with his ideas by using his surroundings, watching other people, reading the news (politics) and doodling in a sketchbook.

He has created 3 books that holds his work:

  • Little People in the City
  • Big Bad City
  • Global Model Village

Some of his photographs sell up to £6,500

Which surprises him as he didn’t expect people to empathise with the characters. His message is that you have to look after the small things such as children or pets, people have their own emotions about them.

1496940215235mountain+-+smallSlinkachu_Tug of War_Syouseum+3

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