Exploring depth of field in the style of Slinkachu



Audio 5:4


I feel that our planning went well as we new some of the problems that we would face when filming such as the microphone picking up the wind, unfortunately the microphone still picked up the wind even though it was right next to the actors. Continue reading “Audio 5:4”

Audio 5:2

Planning for Audio for interactive media

When getting round to editing our film we will use certain sound effects for the more dramatic scenes, we will does this by muting the original audio then replace with one more exaggerated sound effects.  Continue reading “Audio 5:2”

Unit 8:2 Research and Planning

Time schedule

timetable wonderland

this is my time schedule for my FMP, this helps me keep track of the deadline and helps me know what I’m meant to be doing and when.

After videos of festivals

Boomtown 2016

Existing Products: This the 2016 Boomtown after video showing some of the acts and all of the venues and all the various districts with its own camping ground. The festival was created by Nicolas Boom and the after video was made by clockwise media. This Festival consists of four days of a selection of live music which is played on one of the 22 stages, the The festival takes place in The Bowl, Matterley Estate, Hampshire. Continue reading “Unit 8:2 Research and Planning”

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