Post modern art/ architecture

Damien Hirst: Love of God


I have personally seen the piece of art by Hirst and can say it is a lot different top other pieces of art, I think it is very unique as it is a real human skull and is completely covered in diamonds. I think this is modern art as not many people would think of doing something like this which also makes it even more unique.


Banksy: Barcode cage leopard


I like this piece of art as it is well thought through and I like how the barcode has been made to look like a cage in which the bars have been bent so the leopard has escaped, I also like how some of his art gets washed away as it is spray paint on buildings (which is illegal) so you are lucky to see some of his work as it may not always be there.


Fangyuan mansion


I like this post modern building as it is very unique as not many buildings are circular, as you can see most of the other buildings are more rectangular so this makes this building stand out.



Post Modernism photography/ photographers moodboard


  • David Lachapelle
  • Sandy Skoglund
  • Martin Parr


Slinkachu is a London based post modern photographer, he is originally from Devon UK and his real name is Stuart Pantoll. He was born in 1979 but for the last 10 years he has been shooting miniature tableaux in the streets of London, this is a genre of photography/art, this an be defined as and piece of art that an be held in the palm of a person’s hand or covers less Than 100cm squared.

Slinkachu’s work is described as ‘funny, touching, fantastical and unsettling’ so there is a mixture of emotions that you would feel when seeing his work.

When he first started taking photos he would use his old train set figures ‘the little people’ then he began to get others of model shops and eBay and would paint them with acrylic paint.

Slinkachu never train as a professional photographer, he was mainly self taught apart from lessons at college/ University. He uses a Canon 5D mk2 but use to use a simple digital camera to capture his shots then after upgraded to a Canon 400D.

He often leaves his miniatures on the streets where did them, he has done work in many different countries and cities such as berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, Cape town etc.

He comes up with his ideas by using his surroundings, watching other people, reading the news (politics) and doodling in a sketchbook.

He has created 3 books that holds his work:

  • Little People in the City
  • Big Bad City
  • Global Model Village

Some of his photographs sell up to £6,500

Which surprises him as he didn’t expect people to empathise with the characters. His message is that you have to look after the small things such as children or pets, people have their own emotions about them.

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Audio 5:4


I feel that our planning went well as we new some of the problems that we would face when filming such as the microphone picking up the wind, unfortunately the microphone still picked up the wind even though it was right next to the actors. Continue reading “Audio 5:4”

Audio 5:2

Planning for Audio for interactive media

When getting round to editing our film we will use certain sound effects for the more dramatic scenes, we will does this by muting the original audio then replace with one more exaggerated sound effects.  Continue reading “Audio 5:2”

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