music video research

 music video directors

  • Spike Jonze
  • Michel Gondry
  • David Fincher
  • Michael Bay
  • Mark Romanek
  • Hype Williams
  • Chris Cunningham
  • Anton Corbijn
  • Jonas Akerlund
  • John Landis
  • Dave Meyers
  • Hannah Lux Davis


A genre is a specific type of music, film, or writing which is split into catagories

popular music genres of 2017:

  • pop
  • hip hop/ R&B
  • rap/grime
  • drum and bass
  • Rock

Popular artists of 2017 that fit into these genres

  • Dua Lipa
  •  Eminem
  • Drake
  • Zara lasson
  • Lil Wayne
  • Lil Uzi Vert
  • Stormzy
  • Foo Fighters
  • ASAP mob
  • Ed Sheeran

types of music video genre

  • Pseudo- documentary style, meaning either a live perfomance or behind the scenes of the music video/song, this can help the audience relate to the audience
  • Art music video- sense of uniqueness, has an artistic creation within the video such as animation
  • Narrative music video-  A music video which holds a story within it.
  • Staged perfomance- This style of video uses the artist throughout the majority of the production and the artist is miming the words to the song.


Outkast’s Hey ya fits into the genre of Pseudo was it is a live performance to a crowd, it also shows behind the scenes before he goes out to do the performance, but it is also staged. Also the members of the band in the video is one person  which is the main singer showing that is also a staged performance.

Paradise city by the Guns’ n’ Roses is a pseudo as the footage is a live performance at a concert. it also shows footage of setting up the stage and rehearsing. there are a lot of fast cuts that go in sink with the rhythm.


major lazor’s light it up song comes under the art genre as the music video has no people on peoples figures but has an artistic creation. all the characters all animated and there are a variety of textures and materials.

Coldplay’s Adventure of a lifetime is an art music video as the editors have used CGI to create it, they made it so the monkeys are dancing and singing and even made the ‘main monkey’ look like the lead singer out of Coldplay.

Narrative music videos

Adam Levine (lead singer/ actor) taking down some bank robbers and attempting to become the “hero” in a hail of bullets as he makes his escape, steals a gun from a robber, and then gets mistaken for one by the police. Because of this, he must escape from a fleet of policemen, which he does with ease by Wiz Khalifa’s car and causing chaos on the open roads. The video also ends where it started off which explains why he is in the physical state he is in. The lyrics

The music video starts off as Eminem and his friend when they were younger, it then goes through various events of their lives until his friend dies in hospital from an attack which then makes him feel that he has lost everything and all the memories are gone as they fade away leaving him on is one.

Staged performance

ASAP Ferg’s Shabba ft ASAP Rocky is a staged performance, this is because everything has been rehearsed and everything in the shot has been specifically chosen to fit well with the music video, staged performances normally focus on the artist, and they don’t sing/rap they just mime to the words. within this video there are a variety of women barley clothed, lots of jewellery, cars expensive clothing, alcohol and big households. this all shows off their wealth and promoting them as a brand. promoting gang culture.

Drake’s energy is a staged performance as it has been rehearsed and planned, all the focus is on drake as his face has been edited onto other characters and the black and white effects and a more dramatic and serious effect. it also shows quick cuts of urban locations where gangs would be and gang culture its self.


narrative music videos

Dizzee catches his assistant stealing his money the assistant then runs away from dizzee’s two side men by going to various countries and getting facial transplant and living out there until they find him, eventually they find him kill him and report back to Dizzee the top boss.

N.W.A are in an urban location associating with gangs rapping about grime and the location called Compton the police then come and attempt to arrest them, this video refers to crime punishment, gang culture it also with holds Todrov’s  narrative theory (equilbrium ).

ocean wisdom owes money to a business man in a gang and must deliver ‘fifty bags’ to him by noon the next day ocean wisdom goes to deliver the money, it gets taken off him and then begins to get ascourted out but a fight breaks out he then defeats all of the gang members included the ‘boss’ and escapes with the money and his life.



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