Test product research

Electro Swing

My chosen genre of music for my test product is Electro Swing, I chose this genre as I occasionally listen to it and enjoy it, it is also a unique genre that is not really well known and is a combination of two genres; swing/ jazz and electronic music.

Codes and Conventions

To show my understanding of electro swing and the codes and conventions used I created a video essay to show what you expect to see within an electro swing music video, a lot of electro swing videos are animated or is old footage from the 1940’s when jazz and swing was first introduced.


Parov Stelar- The Mojo Radio Gang
Parov Stelar- Booty Swing
Parov Stelar- Libella Swing
Parov Stelar- Jimmy’s Gang
Caravan Palace- Rock it for me
Caravan Palace- Lone Digger
Jack Hylton- Breakaway

Electro swing music videos

 music video directors

  • Spike Jonze
  • Michel Gondry
  • David Fincher
  • Michael Bay
  • Mark Romanek
  • Hype Williams
  • Chris Cunningham
  • Anton Corbijn
  • Jonas Akerlund
  • John Landis
  • Dave Meyers
  • Hannah Lux Davis

Song choice

Parov Stelar- The Mojo Radio Gang

I chose this song as it i feel it goes well with scenery shots which all my footage was, it is a calm and relaxing song with a slow build up which coopoerates the calmness of the sea and the country side.

Test Product


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