Reflect and Evaluate

This final major projects was 13 weeks from the last week of February to the last week of May in this time I created mind maps, gathered primary and secondary research, Took over 50 photos which I could potentially use to create my products and used a variety of different softwares. including photoshop, word and powerpoint.

In this project I have created various pieces of promotional material for my own Rap/ Hip-hop band/Artist; This included flyers, album covers, line up tour dates and posters and also a website design. All this would supposedly promote the band/ artist, as it would be for the audience to see. This would promote them as it gives information about the band explaining when and where they would be performing and who they are as an artist/ band. All of this can be viewed on my blog.

My target audience is 17- 25 year olds both male and females, I chose this specific age group as rap and Hip Hop is popular at this point in time and appeals to this age group more than the older genertation. I am also aiming to attract all different types of classes of people as it doesn’t matter if you’re wealthy or poor as long as you enjoy the music. Although rap and hip hop originated from the american black culture and was then picked up by others, now rap and hip hop is performed by both races and there are many types of rap as well. My aim was to target both races as the rap/ hip hop as it is listened to by both. I feel that I have met my target audience’s needs as I used a young model who supposedly would be very influential towards them I also researched what what was popular at the minute and based my designs on that by including a theme of money, jewellery and fame.

My research influenced my project as it gave me an idea of how I should portray my artist, I looked at variety of hip hop artists and the different styles there are. For example Ice cube raps about life choices and his experiences where as more modern rappers rap about wealth, women and possessions. I decided to mix the two together and have my artist talk about his life but also talk about wealth and fame, This is because my artist is young has only just got big, so he hasn’t got much experience in the rap industry only experience in life but he is very wealthy so raps about those two. I also looked at the way hip hop artist have been portrayed through album covers and other promotional material I noticed that majority of them are portraits of the rappers for example

I attempted to create something like that but it was harder than I thought it would be so I then began to research unique album covers for example future’s album hendrix,

I also gathered some images of pinterest of self portraits that have been created on photoshop which made me want to attempt to creating something similar.

I wanted to do something like this to signify his fragmented background and show the different lives he has lived and the different personalities he has. This then gives me artist a unique feature and signifies his duplictious life.

after creating 3 test product I gathered some primary research by creating feedback sheets which I gave to my colluege who then filled out the sheets then I put them into a table, this helped me to find out which one out of the three was most liked, majority of my class preferred the one that I looked most which was positive feedback, I then went on to research existing promotional material for existing artist so I could get a better understanding of what to include and the layout.


When starting to create my products I was going to follow the trend of modern rappers, I was going to do this by having a normal portrait of my artist ‘flexing’ meaning showing off their possessions and pretending to have more than what they actual have. But then I decided to go  ore a different method, as well as having my artist ‘flexing’ I chose to put a unique twist on promoting him as a multi factual character, which made him mysterious and interesting.

I tried a variety of techniques to insure to make my products look as professional as possible, I did this by research existing promotional material and looking at the effects and filters that had been used, I then tried to apply this to my own designs,

examples of filters:



I attempted to use each one in different designs but with others I used more than one, these filter either gave the design an old styled effect or a modern glitch effect. it took many attempts to see which effect looked best, this technique is called layering, this is a positive way of making your designs look more unique and gives them that extra effect that it needs to look more visually interesting/ pleasing.

I created all my designs on photoshop as it was all promotional material, I was unable to use premiere as I had no moving image work. I was going to attempt to use indesign for my website design but I felt that it would be better to use photoshop as I am more confident with this software.

When creating my test products I tried a variety of visual effects to try and make my designs look more unique, for some it worked for example: this a smashed glass effect I used, I feel this worked as it is simple yet effective and fits well with the design.

where as on some of my other test products, having an effect over the top wasn’t the best option, for example: this is a glitch effect I used to try and make my design more creative and have a modern twist on it, This didn’t work as it made it harder to see the artist and also the text didn’t go with the effect, I also felt with this design that everything was to crammed and there was no thought about spacing everything out, I tried to get as many hip hop conventions in as possible when really I could’ve just made something simpler and a lot more effective instead of trying to put things into the design that isn’t needed.

This then caused a problem as I had to come up with a new design and a new style in which to present it as, so I began to research collage artists and gather pieces of their work and some information about them. this then gave me ideas on what I should in crude in my new album cover, I began to take more images of my artist and opened photoshop, I picked three photos out the ones i took and merged them together creating one image I then inserted my text and got a filter off Pinterest and over layed it over my main image.

In the first 5 weeks of this project I was on target and kept to my time schedule well, but then during the easter holidays I fell behind due to the lack of work, this meant that I had a lot to finish in short space of time. I soon caught up again and was back on track, this has been a regular problem for me through out this year and in the future I should create a time schedule and make sure I keep to it as best as I can. I should also make sure to research continuaslly throughout the project as this was a problem towards the end when I realised some of my work I had created didn’t have any research to support the decisions I had made, so next time I need to make sure I research, and record everything I have created/ looked at.

I am proud of my final piece and I like how it’s something I haven’t done before, I like how I’ve taken a variety of images and merged them into one and also I feel that the pastel effect adds uniqueness to my design and gives it that extra edge.

I feel that i should of done something more creative with my other designs for example create more collages instead of having just one image and some text. And I should have researched more about individual hip hop artist and their style of promoting their music.


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