production log Idyll

week 1

During the first week of this project we researched a variety of music video and the different types of genres. these include Pseudo which is a music video in the style of a documentary this an involve live performances or behind the scenes.  the second is a narrative music video, this type of music video tends to with holds a story in it. Third is an art music video, this genre of music videos have a sense of uniqueness and has an artistic creation within the video such as animation. and the fourth is a staged performance,  this style uses the artist throughout the majority of the production and the artist is miming the words to the song. after defining these genres a looked at music videos which with hold these genres. a long with looking at types of genres I also looked at music video directors and some of the videos that have created.

week 2

In the second week I researched popular genres of music of 2017 the results were varied:

  • pop
  • hip hop/ R&B
  • rap/grime
  • drum and bass/ dance
  • Rock

I also researched popular artist of 2017:

  • Dua Lipa
  •  Eminem
  • Drake
  • Zara lasson
  • Lil Wayne
  • Lil Uzi Vert
  • Stormzy
  • Foo Fighters
  • ASAP mob
  • Ed Sheeran

This was so we could create questionnaires to give to the first years to see what they want as a music video e.g genre

we also got given our roles which would under take in order to produce a music video. My role was production design, I then began to research what a production designer does and his role:

  • Defining and managing every visual aspect of a film
  • Working with the Director and Producer to produce a budget and schedule
  • Directing the team responsible for producing the visual elements e.g., sets, costumes and props

They also use sources from the internet, books, photos and paintings to help show that what is being filmed is more realistic.

I also watched the production design documentary of Django unchained. And researched a variety of production designers and some of the films they helped create e.g

  • Rick Heinrichs- Planet of the Apes, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest & At World’s End, Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Grant Major –  The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, The Green Lantern
  • Catherine Martin – Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Australia, The Great Gatsby

I also researched what is required to become a production designer

  • a flair for generating original creative ideas.
  • the ability to communicate ideas through technical drawing and model making.
  • a good working knowledge of the visual arts and production processes.
  • a critical view of film, television or theatre and familiarity with the work of specific designers.

We also received our questionnaires back and created a pie chart showing the results.

Week 3

During the third week we chose our genre for our test products which was Electro Swing and created a mood board showing what you would expect to see within an Electro Swing music video, after I created an Electro Swing video essay by using one E.S song then getting footage from other E.S music videos and combining them to make a collaboration.

I also looked at production design within music videos, I watched SHABBA by ASAP Ferg ft ASAP Rocky and took notes about costumes, props, locations, what else is in the scene and themes.

During this week we also started to film for our trailer to show to the first years. And also some got some of the narrative footage for the music video itself.

Week 4

During the fourth week of this project I began to research different types of music genres. There are four main types of music genre these include

  • Pseudo- documentary style, meaning either a live perfomance or behind the scenes of the music video/song, this can help the audience relate to the audience
  • Art music video- sense of uniqueness, has an artistic creation within the video such as animation
  • Narrative music video-  A music video which holds a story within it.
  • Staged perfomance- This style of video uses the artist throughout the majority of the production and the artist is miming the words to the song.

Also using the feedback from the first years we created pie charts which represents our feedback, this enabled us to know which genre the interviewies wanted and what they would expect to see within a hip hop music video (genre chosen).

week 5

In week 5 we had a group meeting and discussed the narrative of our music video we decided a synopsis for the music video and began creating mind maps/ notes and story boards about it. This allowed us to picture what the music video would hopefully come out as and gave us time to plan and gather what we need in order to make it convincing. we also came up with a synopsis for our music video explaining the narrative of the story.

After deciding on my chosen genre for my test product I began to start on my essay explaining the different types of music videos and where the genre Electro swing originated from.

As well as starting the essay I also began to film for my test product, I went over to Godrevey beach/ coastal path and got some footage of some panning shots of the scenery, my dog walking and the waves breaking and crashing into rocks.

Week 6

During the sixth week of this project we had a group meeting and sorted out what need to be done who is going to do what for example an new production schedule was needed and since jack is the producer he undertook that task to create a new one. A more locations and props were needed so I made a list of all the props we intended/going to use and a list of all the locations we filmed.

I also started to cut my test product together by putting the in order that I felt fitted best with my song choice (Parov Stelar The Mojo Radio Gang) I also tried to put the footage in correct place so it would cut to the beat, I also used some footage of my dog and increased the speed of it so it looked like he was walking in time with the beat of the song.  after putting to the beat I put filters over some of the footage for example when there was panning shot of the sky the cliffs and the sea I put a light orange filter over it this then made it more aesthetically pleasing and made more vibrant and when the close up shot of the water streaming I but a blue filter over it again made it more plush.

week 7

During the seventh week of this project we continued to film the narrative footage of our project we went to various of different locations such as Piran’s shed in wherry town, Newlyn green and white wall in penzance. we chose these locations as I felt they fit the scene well, Newlyn green as vibrant colours which n was a good place where the two characters could meet. Whitewall was a good location for staged performance as its quite urban due to the grey walls and the graffiti. Also with the footage we already had we continued to develop our music video by putting all the narrative footage in order and using the staged performance footage we had included that into the timeline.

As wells working on the practical side of this project i also continued on my essay about electro swing. i looked at theories about how music genres have changed and combined over the years and the different types of music videos.

Week 8

In the eighth week of the idyll project we attempted to get hold of the rap group who’s song we were using and arranged dates to film the staged performance part but unfortunatly none of them turned up and continued not to turn up on serval occasions, this then meant we had to replace the actors/rappers for the staged performance, so myself Piran and Jack took one verse each and attempted learn, it was quite hard as the song is changes pace suddenly and goes from quick to pauses and then slow continusely. This made it hard to mime the words in time with the music. After Filming the staged performance footage we took it back to our editor (Lewis) who then put it onto the time line and tried as best as he could to put the miming in sync with song, for majority of it it didn’t sync that well so put overlays and turned the opacity down so you couldn’t see the mouth of the actor as well.

Week 9

In this week I finished off my genre essay and handed it in, we also carried on editing the the music video now that all the footage was in the right place on the time and lewis had put the music in so that it cuts to the beat and the miming is in some sort of sync. w then put the old gradient filter that we used for the trailer over the whole of the narrative footage to give it and old pirate look to make it it more convincing for the audience. We also went through all the paper work that was required and anything that was missing we assigned to each other to do. this includes the storyboards- Piran, mindmaps- Myself- New production schedual- Jack.

Week 10

During the 10th and final week of this project we finished of the editing for the final music video by putting in a few final edits such as overlays, jump cuts and split screen, this makes it seem like more of a music video as these are a key features that appear in music videos regularly. As our main target audience were the first years we were going to present our final edit to them but before we could do that i created questionnaire feedback sheets, this would help us justify what we could of improved on and help us know if we followed the brief and delivered what the first years and asked to see previously. We then presented our music video to the first years and handed out the feedback sheets these were the responses we got: 

Final Music Video Screenshots








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