Before creating my final designs I created test products to help me know what my final product is going to look like, so using photoshop I began to create an album cover, to help know what to include in a n album cover I research existing hip hop album covers to get a better understanding and to gather ideas of what to include.

examples of existing album covers:


When starting my first test product I began by creating a black background then embedded my main image in the centre left of the page as my artist is leaning more towards the left which allows more space to the right which can either be used up by another image or text. Then using the pencil tool I gave my artist tattoos on his fingers, a dollar sign on his neck to represent wealth and a tear drop just bellow his eye to signify he has murdered someone, I chose to add tattoos to my artist as majority of the hip hop artist have a variety of tattoos, then using the paint brush tool I filled in his eyes using the colour white then drew a black line through the middle, I did this to make my artist unique and mysterious as rappers nowadays can be anythings they want.


After I started to research font to use for my artists name, I found this font from ASAP Rocky’s single ‘Goldie’ and wanted to do something similar, so I went onto dafont and looked at serif fonts, I placed a variety of fonts not my design to see which one looked best and I decided to go for this one:

After embedding my text into my design I changed the colour using the paint bucket tool, I changed it to a vibrant colour so it stands out more after changing the colour I scaled down the eraser tool and put four thin lines through the text longways to add more effect instead of having a whole fill.

I then moved on to add a filter in, I gathered different glitch effects to over lay over the design to add more effect which would make it more visually pleasing. I tried a variety of effects to see who one suited the design best.

I decided to go for the second design as I felt it suited the theme better where as the other one made it hard to see the artist. I also felt that the first filter didn’t go well with the colour of the text hence why I went for the other design. I also included a Parental advisory to show that it is an album cover and most hip hop artists has explicit content in their lyrics so I included one as well to show my understanding of the genre.

As I had an ongoing theme of money I decided to gather an image of the internet of floating dollars then using the magic wand tool I deleted any unneeded bits, then using the eraser tool I rubbed out part of some of the dollars so it looked like the dollars are slightly behind my artist, this way it looks more professional and tidier. Having the floating dollars about signifies my artists obsession with wealth and money, this is a common topic that raps talk about within their music.

And finally I added in my artists albums name, ‘flight’. Again I researched a variety of font to use, I wanted to go for a modern styled font on daft, I then came across a digital styled font which I thought would look good, so I embedded it into he centre of my design then using the paint bucket tool I changed the colours so it matched with the glitch effect.

Looking back on this design now I feel I made the wrong choices, I think that the glitch effect is too heavy and isn’t needed and also the flight font doesn’t fit the design and looks out of place. Another thing is it all looks to crammed and there isn’t much order to it.

After reviewing my first test product and getting feedback from my class and lectures I then new what I needed to do in order to create a more professional and unique styled design that suits my artist more.

I soon began on my final album cover design, I started off by taking more photos of my artist from a 360 degree angle


I then gathered a fe wand placed them into photo shop and began to merge three images together and turn down the opacity on two of them then using via cut layer I cut out one of his eyes and placed it over one of the others which was looking over to the left then I did the same but one was looking straight at you.

I then put this image into an album cover page and looked at my existing fonts that I had gathered and tried a couple toms which looked best, Decided to go for a sans serif font that I had previously used in other designs and placed tin on its side going upwards. I chose to place this here as my main image took up majority of the space and I felt tin was effect if I place sit there as it is unique and makes the audience look harder.


I then included the name of my album using a serif font, I used a serif font so it would match with he song names which would be on the back cover, this then keeps the continuity going. I placed the text at the bottom of the design as again my main image took up majority of the space and also I rescaled the font to a size which allowed it to fit in the space avalible nicely.

I then began to gather some filters off of Pinterest, I chose a pastel sort of filter to overlay on top of my main image, this adds effect and makes it more creative and and artistic. I then noticed where the name of artist is look to plain, so I then sued the same filter and resized it to fit in a rectangle shape which slotted in, this then leaves no white on the design. I also added in the parental advisory logo, as this design doesn’t look like a normal hip hop album cover and can be deceived as a different genre.


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