Project Idea

In this project I will be creating various pieces of promotional material for my own Rap/ Hip-hop band/Artist; This will include flyers, album covers, line up tour dates and posters and also a website design. All this would supposedly promote the band/ artist, as it would be for the audience to see. This would promote them as it gives information about the band explaining when and where they would be performing and who they are as an artist/ band.

biography of Artist

My artists name is Papa Pueblo his real name is Pueblo Carlos aged 20 born on the 5th of November in Mexico- Puebla. He has a mother who he lived with until the age of 19 and a father  who was in his life until he was 16. his father was a Mexican drug lord who got murdered when he pueblo was 16. He also has one brother who is four years younger than him and two twin sisters two years younger than him. when his father died he had the responsibility of becoming the ‘man of the house’.

He first became inspired to become a rapper after going to see Tupac live when he was 14, he then started to create his own lyrics not long after, but due to poverty and lack of money in his household he had no way of creating any beats, a year went by and he joined a gang called 18th street gang also known as Calle 18 he began to get into a life of crime and drugs but was praised by the gang for his lyrics, soon enough he began to create some beats to rap to with a fellow member of the gang.

He started to make a large amount of money from crime and selling drugs and made a you tube account to post his videos on, he soon got recognised by orfeon record label and got asked to create an album and then present it to them. They offered him a $1 million deal which he took. He bought his family a new house in a nicer neighborhood then at the age of 19 he moved to america- New York to move forward with his rap career , he got a new deal from Sony for $2 million and now lives the life he has always wanted to.

software needed

The software I will be using is Photoshop, I’m using this certain piece of software as I feel it will be best for making promotional material, as it has everything you need in order to create posters, flyers, cd albums and a website design.

Test products

I started by creating a black background then embedding my main image into the centre of the page. I then made a copy of the main image and using the eraser tool removed everything apart from the teeth, then on the cover a made it black and white then using the other copy kept the colour the same then placed it where the teeth should be on the black and white image making the artist black and white except his teeth making his grill stand out more signifying wealth and possession. I then considered which text I should use I then decided to go with a serif font .

I got my model to wear a teeth grill to signify money and wealth.

I started off by making a black background then got a 100 dollar bill with out Benjamin Franklin’s face then inserted my artist’s face (piran). I then went to image adjustments and changed the hue saturation and turned the colour to a pinky purple then change the colour of the dollar using the paint bucket tool and out lined the 100 with purple and yellow than included the artist name below the main image  in yellow using the text tool, I then added a few different pieces of text such as the ‘certified gangster’ in the top left the my artist real name in the bottom left using the text tool. I used a variety of different colours as in this day and age hip ho music is using vibrant colours to make their creations more unique and visually pleasing.

I started off by having a black background the embedding my main image of piran towards the left hand side, I then inserted the artists name (Big Meldrid) using a serif font named edition, then using the paint bucket tool and a luminous green changed the colour of the font and then used the the eraser tool to put thin lines through it. I then got floating dollars of the internet and placed them over the main image then using the magic wand tool got rid of the unnecessary white, some of the dollars were covering the main image so using the eraser I got rid of them and some that were only slight covering the image I erased them so that it looks like some of the dollars are going behind him. doing this then made space for the name of the album to be fitted in (fight) I tried a variety of fonts but i ended up with the digital font and used the paint bucket tool to change the colours. but looking back I feel that he font choice wasn’t the right one to use as it looks out of place and doesn’t really fit with the theme well.

this is another test  product I created, I kept the theme of money by giving him a neck tattoo of a dollar sign putting a dollar sign in the right hand corner and my model is holding money, I decided to try a black and white effect which is opposite to my other design. although it is quite simple I feel this can be just as effective as it is different to other hip hop albums. I started off by embedding my main image of the rapper changed the colour to black and white the changed the background to match the colour of the background. I then placed the same image over the the main image then used the eraser tool to get rid of it but only leaving the money in his and and kept the colour the same so it looked like it was only him who was back and white and the money was green. Then using the paint brush tool I filled in the logo on his shirt yellow to make it stand out more and to add more colour. i then considered a variety of fonts then came to the conclusion of deciding a sans serif font that is similar to my other choices of fonts to keep an on going theme. After in placed a parental advisory logo to show that the album will include explicit content.

Final Product

I decided to merge three images together the cut out the eye of different photos I took and place them over the existing eyes, i chose to do this as to signify my artist as multifacatid, meaning he has multiple faces and lives different lives, After creating my main image I then realised I created this on an A4 page so i took a screen grab of it then embedded it into an album cover size page. 

after creating my main image I decided to get a pastel effect then placed it over the main image  then using the eraser tool I turned down the opacity and the hardness of the tool and rubbed out some of the effect which was covering the face this then allowed you to see more of the face but still had the pastel effect there. I chose to combine different images of the artists face to signify his fragmented background and show the different lives he has lived and the different personalities he has. I used the different eyes by using the marque tool selecting what was needed the right clicked the via layout cut which separated it from the image it was originally from I then placed it over the three over images I had combined, one eye was looking towards the right on the same side the face was facing and the other I made slightly bigger which was looking straight at you. I then included my text which was the name of my artists and the name of the album. I tried a variety of fonts but went with a serif font which i had previously used in some of my other promotional material which allowed me to keep the same theme going.

I made some adjustments to my album cover as I felt the ‘Papa’ was too spaced out so I cut the first p and the second a and move them closer together, I also tried using different fonts for the word flight this is because when I created my back cover I used a sans serif font for the names of my song so I used a a san serif font on the font to keep the continuity going.

After creating my front album cover I started to work on the back cover, I started off by using a image I took when I was in New York, I chose to use this photo as my artist moved to New York when his career took of and now he’s living a good life hence why I have taken a birds eye view shot of New York to signify he’s high in the industry. After embedding my image a crumbled paper effect then placed it over my image then turned down the opacity this then mad it look like an old photo which adds effect to the black and white and keeps the contiunity going from the front cover. I then added in my songs at the bottom of the cover but I was unsure of what font to use, I used a variety of san and san serif fonts but was still unsure, so I got some feedback from my lectures and decided to go for a sans serif font, I also felt that the text was too big so I came up with two more songs which gave me 12 which allowed me to create three throws of four songs.


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