Production log narratives

week 1

During the first week of this unit we started by researching about postmodernism and how it contributes to society and and in what forms it can come in, I mainly looked at how postmodernism fits into film, art and architecture. when researching about postmodernism I watched variety of postmodern films: Shaun of the Dead, Triangle, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Memento, and Hardcore Henry.

week 2

In the second week we created storyboards showing our understanding of postmodernism and also analysing some of the postmodern films we watched by explaining some of the postmodern characteristics and including short clips from the films. Also started to create a pitch which will show my film idea and what postmodern characteristics will be included.

Week 3

I started my postmodern essay explain postmodernism and the theories within it and how they fall into films. I also started my pre production planning, First I did my step out line giving a rough explanation about my film and what will be happening within it. and continuing to analyse the post modern films.

week 4

finished step outline and postmodern essay and also started script for my postmodern film, this will be what will be done and said in the scenes of the film. and finished film pitch and presented to the class and lecturer

week 5

carried on with writing my script and cut and stuck work into my sketch book such as postmodern art/artists and architecture/ architects and some information about their products.

week 6

Finished writing script then moved on to creating my storyboard which will show the shot types and what will be in the scene. and created my own test product to practise my skills before producing my final piece

week 7

Carried on working on storyboard and also worked on essay and took some footage for my film.

week 8

Finished off the last parts of my storyboard and shot some more footage for my film and started to edit my film using premier. As i didn’t have all my shots there was a mixture of   of shots from different scenes within my film so I only included the ones I were able to use.

week 9

Film some more footage and continued to edit in premiere, I imported the new shots into my film until a certain point until I could do no more due to I needed more footage to finish. Finished my essay and stuck imagery and text and planning into my sketchbook.

week 10

I finished off my short film by using the footage I had filmed and getting effects and sound effects then embedded them into premier then placed them in the correct order. I then uploaded it onto my youtube channel.



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