Fabric exhibition posters

This is my first poster that I made to promote the exhibition that will be held at Penwith college which will show all our work that we have done this past year. I started off by making the background black then inserting my own image in the center of the page. I then created a thin rectangle and turned it on its side, after I made 10 more copies of it and placed them next to each other along the top. I then placed my title ( Fabric) and out another rectangle behind it and turned down the opacity so you could still see the diagonal lines behind it. I placed the Location, date and room number at the bottom and also included the Penwith college logo and turned it to overlay which gives it the transparent look. I then outlined the model and the surfboard using the pencil tool inn white.

Fabric poster

This is my second poster, I tried using a different image, doing this meant the image filled the page and meant I could change where I put the text, I used the same font as I felt it fits the mood/theme, I placed the text all towards the left to fill the spare space as the model is filling the bottom half. I also did the outline with the pencil tool again as the surfboard is so bright it would look good with a bright outline on a dark figure and dark background.

Fabric poster 2



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