Audio 5:2

Planning for Audio for interactive media

When getting round to editing our film we will use certain sound effects for the more dramatic scenes, we will does this by muting the original audio then replace with one more exaggerated sound effects. 

We will gather our sound effects of and can also use logic if needs be.

Diagetic and non diagetic sound will be included throughout the footage, Diagetic sound is where you can see where the sound is being made or coming from for example seeing someone talking in a video is diagetic sound, where as non diagetic is when you can not so background music or being able to hear footsteps but not seeing where it is coming from. Different sounds will be used for different scenes such as birds, wind, river running, and for the action scenes punching and kicking, dogs barking, gun shots shouting, these will mix from diagetic to non diagetic.

We will also include background music (non diagetic) when the characters are on their way to the destination and the opening sequence.


  • Canon DSLR
  • Microphone
  • Tri pod


  • logic pro
  • sound snap
  • premeire





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