Audio 5:1

Once upon a time in the wild west

List of sounds: water dripping, flies buzzing, man sneezing, train, loading a gun, train door opening, footsteps, music that fits the scene, gun shots, people falling over squeaky windmill.

Diegetic sounds

Atmospheric/ background: These are the natural sounds that you hear in the scene, such as: flies buzzing, and the water dripping from the tap and the windmill.

Man made sounds: these are any sounds that occur which comes from an object that is made by humans for example in the film there is The train and gun shots

Human sounds: The men talking to each other, one the men blowing to try and get rid of a fly, and the harmonica played by one of the characters.

What effects do these sounds have on the film?

These sounds effect the film as the sounds are suited to each of the characters for example the water dripping is when one of the make characters is being introduced and when the fly is buzzing that is when the other male character is being introduced. The sounds also had a big effect to the film as they are over exaggerated as they are a lot louder than they should be, for example the train is very loud and almost to intense that it doesn’t seem real and is obvious that the sound of the train has been put in separately.

What is the effect of music within the section of film?

The music creates a calm atmosphere right at the start of the film when the hit men are being introduced but the music changes as the pace of the film speeds up, this happens when the train arrives the film starts to move faster along. When the man gets off the train he is playing a harmonica, this creates a lot of tension due to the positions the characters are standing and the fact they are meant to kill him when he gets off the train.

does the film use Foley? (is it effective?)

Yes, the film does use Foley and it is effective as it makes the film more intense and builds up a lot of friction between the hit men and the victim.

Does the film use ADR? (is this effective)

Yes, ADR used the conversation starts between the four of them and the train starts to leave, this is because there would be to much interference whilst the train leaves as it would be to loud for you to hear them talking whilst the train is leaving.

Is there narration in the film?

No, there is no voice over, you have to work out the story line by watching what happens and by listening to all the sounds, the sound effects help you understand what is happening in the film as they add effect for example you hear the train coming into the station at that point the cowboys.

  • what is ‘sound design’? it is the process of generating audio elements and is employed in a variety of disciplines.
  •  describe the role of a sound designer.   Providing the sound for screen action
  • what is diegetic and non diegetic sound? digit is when you can see where the music is being produced or where it is coming from where as non diegetic sound is when you can not see where its being produced so normally it will be music over the top.
  • what is ‘foley’? The addition of recorded sound effects after the shooting of a film
  • describe the role of a foley artist. A foley artist creates audio effects for a film by using physical props. As a foley artist, you are responsible for very specific sounds.
  • what is ADR? Automated Dialouge Replacement. a process of re-recording dialouge in the studio in synchronization with the picture.
  • Provide examples why ADR might be used.
  • what does the term ‘clean sound’ mean when recording? strong good signal with only the main voice and no other sounds.
  • why is clean sound important? because otherwise you will get loads of other sound that are not wanted whilst recording.
  • what is a ‘ buzz track’ or ‘wild track’? a buzz track is the background sound of a scene and a wild track is an audio recording intended to be synchronized with film or video but recorded separately from picture.
  • why would a sound editor need a buzz track or a wild track? To replace other synchronous soundtracks you may have recorded which are distracting. Or it can be used to fill the gaps that may occur.
  • what impact can music have on an audience?
  • describe the role of the sound recordist. They record sound on location or in a studio, usually in synchronisation with the camera, to enable the highest quality ‘real’ sound to be recorded at the time of filming.
  • provide a list of equipment a sound recordist might use microphones, radio systems, booms, mixing desk, audio storage, headphones, cables, tools, and a paper or computer sound logs.
  • what is a boom? A loud, deep resonant sound
  • what is a ‘high wind gag/shield’?  it reduces the amount of noise from wind.

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