Unit 8:4 Evaluation

When starting this Project I came up with two main ideas, one was a travel guide of all the places I should visit when exploring the world, this would include a double page spread and maybe a few posters. I thought of this as it could help people choose where to visit.

My other idea was creating my own promotional material for my own music festival. I ended up choosing my second option as I felt it would be more enjoyable because I get to choose the acts, themes and the costumes etc. I also felt I could create a wider range of effective products, which now; I feel I have achieved. I made mind maps so I could generate my ideas easily, then started on secondary research by looking at ‘what makes a good festival’, as well as costumes, popular font types and any themes and festivals that stood out to me. I did this as it gave me various points on how to make a successful festival and also improves my knowledge on festivals and it’s content which I then applied when making my final products, along with research about music festivals and what goes on.

I looked at existing products from other festivals, such as: after-movies, line ups, website designs, VIP passes, festival wristbands, and tickets. I mainly focused on Boomtown, Wonderland, Glastonbury, Nass. I chose these festivals to gain knowledge from as they are some of the most popular festivals in the world, I also looked at boardmasters festival as it is a local music festival. I wanted my festival to have similar music and themes and wanted to see how they all differ from each other. I looked at these so I could get inspiration and also look at how everything is laid out on each possible piece of promotional material I would create, this is because it will look more professional and realistic.

After getting some information about other festivals and festivals themselves, I put together a pitch and created two test products, one was a line up, and another was a website design. I showed my pitch and test products to the class, they then gave me feedback about my idea/s, with the feedback given I formed pie charts to gain a percentage and gave my opinion on the feedback. In the pitch it showed my mind maps, mood boards my definition of wonderland, test products and my project proposal.

I then moved on to creating a time schedule so I could manage my time easier and make sure everything will be done by the deadline. I feel I have kept to my time schedule well but there has been problem I have had to face for example: I have had to work on some nights which has restricted me from doing work at home which then means I have to do more next time I come to do work, Sometimes I also do not have the software needed in order to improve/ complete my final products when working at home this is because my Dad has been working during some evenings therefore I could not access Photoshop which is on his computer. There was also a stage where I didn’t have enough photos to create my website design, I overcame this by going out and taking a few photos which I then included in the website design.

I got given feedback by people in my class on some of my final products:

Gabriella ticket feedback- I feel that the font is very interesting I like the dots in the font as it represents what most people’s interoperation of wonderland MAY BE. I love the skull in the corner and STUFF and I like how its um a little bit after my birthday so if I went there I could pretend its my party, I also like the layout of the ticket and the colours used.

Cara line up feedback- Try out different background images and colours, so that the wording is more clear, maybe different types of fonts as well. but the layout is good and the features.

Jack wristbands feedback- They both have the same symbol which is really good. They both have a skeleton’s head on the far right of the wristband that are identical. It is continuous, as is the font and I like the “Day Pass” and “Weekend Pass” because the colours represent if you are at the festival on a weekday or a weekend. It is very colourful however, I would’ve kept the same colour background on the wristband. So either, the orange and blue or the turquoise and white.

This feedback allows me to reflect back on my products and see where I could of made changes or improved. but it also tells me what I have done well and and what I should continue to do.

Overall I think that this project went well, I am happy with the 7 final products I have made and feel that they are up to a good standard and represent the themes and what kind of music festival it will be. I also feel that my research is another strong point within this unit, this is because I have a range of different existing products along with primary research (pie charts/ feedback). To improve, I think I could of managed my time a bit better for example get as many photos as possible when going on a shoot. And also keep all my research and work in organised posts to prevent losing, not being able to find it or forgetting about it.






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