Unit 8:3 Production Log


Week one  6th march 

In the first week I created a range of mind maps to generate my ideas and come up with an idea that is suitable to do and something that I am interested in and will enjoy. I came down to two ideas these were Promotional material for my own festival or a magazine talking about travelling the world. I decided to go with the promotional material for my own festival option as I felt I could be more creative with it and would be fun to explore and research. I then began to research other festivals to get inspiration by looking at the after videos of Boomtown and wonderland so I could see the colours they used, the stages, the costumes and the atmosphere. This helped get ideas on what genre of music I should involve and what themes to use as popular music is normally played at festivals along with  many different genres . I also researched on how to create a good festival, this helped me on what to have at my festival such as stalls, competitions (skate, BMX and surf), costumes and fairgrounds.

Week two 13th march

On the second week using the research I had gathered and made a mood board showing the themes of my festival, the type of costumes I would want, the atmosphere, the stages, and the campsite. I also created a test product which was a website layout, this would promote my festival and give information to the people who are interested, this would do this by giving the dates , ticket prices, line ups, what will be happening at the festival such as: competitions, stalls, events. After putting together my pitch I presented it to the class to show them my ideas and see what they think about them, in return they gave me feedback. I was also given the project proposal to complete this consisted of an annotation of the brief, the concept of the project, synopsis of my idea, the formats, target audience, how it will their expectations and a evaluation of skills needed.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.18.01

Week three 20th march 

This week I have finished the project proposal and the project action plan and timetable I have also created pie charts which signifies my feedback, I made a pie chart for each question that was asked on my feedback sheet. this gives me time to reflect on my feedback and helps me to know where I need to improve or add detail. As well as that I am carrying on researching music festivals and how they are run and also how they are promoted, I have been doing this by looking at after videos of festivals and also line up posters. Doing this gives me a better understanding of how to promote my festival using different types of media, it also tells me what different ways to do it as well: posters, short clips, line ups, websites.

nass line up 2017


Week four 27th march 

I also gathered a range of artists, DJ’s, and rappers and categorized them as possible ideas that I could include in my own line up. I tried to get a variety of genres as festivals tend to have lots of different types of music playing, I involved Drum and Base, reggae, house, grime, electro pop, rock/punk and electro swing. I also researched different types of festivals such as: religious festivals, music festivals, art festivals and food and drink festivals, so I am aware of different festivals and what they are about, when doing this I included a short paragraph explaining a bit about the type of festival, to include some information about the different festivals.

Week five 18th April 

This week I created another test product and it is a line up poster this promotes the festival and tells the people interested what acts will be performing. I used bright colours within my line up poster to match the themes of the festival, I got the wonderland text off dafont.com then used the magic wand to delete the unneeded bits. I chose this font because I feel it fits well with the posters I have made and will continue to make, it also looks quite unique which I think goes with themes of summer and wonderland. I then made a white rectangle and turned down the opacity and put the names of the performers on it, for some of the acts I used the signature logo so it stands out more and to grab the attention of  the public better. I also did more research about other festivals like Boomtown, Tomorrowland, nass, glastonbury and boardmasters such as, how many stages are there, how many tickets sold, who created the festival, how long the festivals are, what’s on there etc.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.04.42

Week six 24th April 

This week I have created a line up poster with my own photos, it includes an image of my own and I placed it over a patterned background, I then included my text which was the name of the festival (wonderland, using the same font) and included the acts that I would want to perform also the dates. I also included dates, the location, competitions, Instagram, snapchat, twitter and Facebook tags and a website address. This is because it informs the public about where it is, when it is and the social media tags are so people can follow the festival and get updates.  I also had a discussion with two lecturers about my project which helped me come up with more ideas such as create my own tickets/ wristbands/backstage passes for my festival and if I have time come up with a brief idea of a winter wonderland festival to keep the festival running but change the themes. I will also talk about the side of festivals that isn’t shown in the after videos and all the promotional material: Line up, Posters, website etc.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 10.46.44


try out different background images and colours, so that the wording is more clear, maybe different types of fonts as well. but the layout is good and the features.


Week seven 1st May

This week I have been looking at the template of tickets, I am doing this as I want to create my own tickets for my festival so I got a template to see the layout of it and what needs to be included when making one, I also researched why tickets are used and it is because proof of entry of the festival. I have also been looking at the different sides of festival such as: ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ this includes the good things about festivals the what isn’t so good and then ugly, the things you don’t want to see at a festival. Using photoshop I have created my own ticket for my wonderland festival, I used the same font that I have used for all my other created products as I feel it fits the theme of the festival best and also is unique and would work for the font of a music festival. I got some patterns of the internet and altered the colour to make it blue and white instead of black and white, I included 3 strips of yellow going over the top of the pattern and also turned down the opcaity so you can still see the pattern behind the yellow. I used bright colours as the festival is in summer in which these colours fit that theme. I included the text needed to show it was a music festival ticket such as opening gate times, the price, name and ticket number. I made a rectangle using the shape tool and placed it behind where it says ‘weekend camping’ then used the eraser tool then used a different tool head and created the scratches/ lines within it. to make the silver badge on the ticket I got a silver cube off the internet turned down fill from 100% to 54% then placed the black and white candy skull behind it to make it look like a silver colour. I included this symbol/ badge as it shows the festival logo which proves it would be real.

template of a festival ticket

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.05.26

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.20.27

I changed my ticket around slight by adding more text at the top, adding a date to the side you rip off to prove the ticket is valid, I also changed the rectangle box behind the text: weekend and camping as I thought the other looked like scratches which doesn’t really relate to my festival so I modified it using the same tool. I made changes to my ticket as it looks more professional with all then correct text in and I felt more of the space need filling.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 14.43.10.png

I chose to use bright colours as the festival is in summer so the bright colours contributes to the summer theme, also music festivals are time of enjoying yourself and having a good time and bright colours can helps create a better atmosphere.

feedback- I feel that the font is very interesting I like the dots in the font as it represents what most people’s interoperation of wonderland MAY BE. I love the skull in the corner and STUFF and I like how its um a little bit after my birthday so if I went there I could pretend its my party hehe:)

VIP passes

Vip passes allow you to skip queues, stay in better camping areas, better showers and in some cases go backstages meet the performers, possibly even go on stage with them. It can also give you access to places where only employees can go. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 15.07.34

I have also produced a vip pass that would be available to get when going to the festival by purchase or through winning it by entering competitions, I used the same wonderland font, then used a green pattern as the main background the used the swatches to change the colours to blue and red then used the gradient tool to create the split effect going over the green pattern. I decide to use this design as I felt it should be different from my other products as there won’t be many vip, so I they should stand out from the promotional material, For the main text ( VIP PASS/ ALL ACCESS) I used a different text as it must be easy to read so it can be checked quicker hence why I chose to get a bold font and put a green rectangle behind it and turned down the opacity giving it the not as full look, this ensures that there is no trouble reading it. I made a white rectangle and then placed a bar code over it to which is where the pass would be scanned.  I then added numbers at the bottom which show the number of the vip pass.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 15.11.37

Week eight 8th May

This week I have been looking at festival wristbands, When entering a festival they will normally give you wristband, this is because wristbands are used for proof of entry of the festival and it also allows people to not have to carry their tickets round with them and risk losing it. I have made two different wristbands, one is a weekend pass which is from the Thursday to the Sunday and the other is a day pass.

At first I created two different weekend pass wristbands and couldn’t decide which one to use, this then gave me the idea to change one of the designs into a day pass.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 10.31.14When making the Weekend pass I used the gradient tool and changed the swatch colours to yellow and blue, using the gradient tool I drew a line across giving it the range of colours going along the wristband I then made a white rectangle and made 9 more copies using the alt key to carry the lines uncross the wristband. I made a black line to separate the wristband design to where you stick the wristband (wriggly lines). I added my text in after using the wonderland font and the Silom font and added a rectangle behind it, using the eraser and a different brush type I made small lines in the rectangle. I gathered a fabric overlay off the internet and placed it over the design then turned down the fill level to 42%, this gave it the fabric material effect. I also included a Calavera (Candy skull) to keep the theme involved. I want it to have a fabric look as it makes it look more like a wristband than just a design.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.24.02

This is the day pass wristband, I got a pattern of the internet then added a blue effect over the top of it, using the shape tool I made rectangle changed the colour to an orange then made 9 copies and placed them next to each other along the wristband the a made a separate rectangle placed it under the wonderland text then included more text over the rectangle then using the eraser tool with a different brush type made the small lines to add more effect. using the same Calavera I placed it in a similar position after getting rid of the the white using the magic wand tool. I placed the same fabric overlay over the wristband then reduced the fill to 26% this then made it look like fabric instead.

I used vibrant colours to keep to the theme of summer and music festival atmosphere.


They both have the same symbol which is really good. They both have a skeleton’s head on the far right of the wristband that are identical. It is continuous, as is the font and I like the “Day Pass” and “Weekend Pass” because the colours represent if you are at the festival on a weekday or a weekend. It is very colourful however, I would’ve kept the same colour background on the wristband. So either, the orange and blue or the turquoise and white.

I have also started a website design page which will be where you can buy tickets, shows the line up, what will be on at the festival and any other information. I have also used  my own photos, the main photo is the view from someone in the crowd looking at the stage. I used this photo as it is the view from someones perspective in the crowd with people around them which gives you an idea what it will be like.

Week 9 15th may

I have been carrying on editing my website design page on photoshop I got a coloured background to keep the theme (summer) going then made a black rectangle and placed it in the centre and turned down the opacity so you can still see the background slightly, then put my own image over top and lowered the opacity. I then added the acts over the main image to inform who will be performing. Then I made two rectangles one at the top and one at the bottom then included my title, then the social media icons as well as the date and location and a search bar and a search icon. At the bottom I placed 4 of my own images which shows surf competitions, campsite field, live music and beaches. But the audience would not know that so I had to include the infomation.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.09.24

These are the changes I made: I rearranged the images at the bottom and placed text saying what there is to do and what the images represent, I also include a couple of texts in the field picture to show it is a campsite and also made the social media icons smaller. and turned down the opacity of the black rectangle even more.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.08.09

I have also been gathering existing products such as website pages (Glastonbury and Boardmasters), as well as more line up posters, VIP passes and tickets.

Week 10 22nd May

This week I have been gathering all my research, planning and work and have organised them into 4 separate posts, there is a Proposal post which will includes any ideas, mood boards, mind maps, test products and also your pitch. the next post is Research and planning, within this post there should be primary and secondary research, existing products, time schedules, pie charts and any other feedback, etc. the next post is production, in this post it should say what you have been up to each week and what you have been working on, also if you have made any changes, within this post you should include your final products and why I chose to make them the way I did.


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