Unit 8:1 Proposal


wonderland mindmapformatgenrewonderland festival mindmapwhat makes a good festival

Statement: My definition of Wonderland is a place which is the most amazing place you can go to and it could almost be perfect, but bad things can happen. Or a feeling caused by something beautiful/ ‘wonderful’.

I chose to make promotional materiel for my own festival, because it could be one of your greatest experiences but it could also have some bad moments e.g you could lose some of your possessions, you might take something you shouldn’t have. I also feel i can be quite creative when doing promotional material.

target audience: from 16- 30

Location: Santa Cruz, Spain. I chose this location as it well known, the weather is good for festivals it has beaches and is good surfing which will benefit the surfing competitions. It also fits into the Spanish aspects through the themes and colours.


Product format: Within the promotional material I will design a website page which supposedly would give information about the festival, where you can buy tickets, look at the line up, and check out any photos.

I will also create flyers promoting the festival and my own line up with the acts i would like to be there, this should excite the people who are interested in the festival, this will build hype and make people want to come to the festival, if the line up does not intrigue the audience then it is likely less people will come.

Test product: This is my first test product, it is a layout of a website main page which would promote my festival, I tried to use lots of bright colours to represent the wonderland aspect and to also show the summer theme within it. i gathered a range of images such as the skull candy and action shots of sport and the stage image, these show the competitions held and what the stages would supposedly look like and what you would experience. I got my text of dafont.com

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.18.01

Test product 2: this is my second test product, it is my own line poster up that promotes the festival and tells the people interested what acts will be performing. I used bright colours within my line up poster to match the themes of the festival, I got the wonderland text off dafont.com then used the magic wand to delete the unneeded bits. I then made a white rectangle and turned down the opacity and put the names of the performers on it, for some of the acts i used the signature logo so it stands out more and to grab the attention of  the public better.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.04.42


Name Harvey Kirby
Pathway Level 3 Lens Based Media
Project Title Wonderland
Section 1: Rationale (approx. 150 words)
I have been given a brief called wonderland, using my skills I have learnt over this past year I must produce a creative project that signifies the best parts of me and my work but I must find a way how it relates to wonderland. To ensure my products look professional My blog should be used as a formal platform to present your creative ability and employability. The first thing I will do when starting this project is create a variety of mindmaps to generate my ideas and come up with an idea that is suitable and something I will enjoy. I will explore a range of genres and formats when doing my mindmaps to ensure I come up with a good idea. In order to do well in this project, I will have to research my subject area for example the meanings of wonderland and also gather existing products that I could possibly use for inspiration, but this will also help me understand the themes of wonderland better.


Section 2: Project concept (approx. 200 words)
My interpretation of wonderland is a place where the most amazing things can happen and could be one of your greatest experiences ever, but bad things can happen. Or it is a feeling or a mindset caused by something beautiful/ ‘wonderful’. When looking at existing products I watched the Boomtown (made by clockwise media) and Tomorrowland (made by the great people of tomorrow) festival after video 2016 as they are well known and never fail to impress people, I paid attention to the lighting and colours as I wanted my project to be full of bright colours as they can often create a good atmosphere, I also looked at the costumes that are used because they are unique and would be something I could possibly want within my festival, it reveals the stages I the videos which helps me decide the themes I could use, it shows a variety of acts of all genres, this tells me to gather a wide range of performers,  when watching these after videos it gives me a better understanding of what there is to do at festivals and also what to include when creating one, it gives me inspiration what themes to use, colours to include and acts that will perform.
Section 3: Synopsis of Idea (content, genre narrative)
I will be creating my own festival that will take place in summer, the location will be in Mundaka which is in the north of Spain, I chose this location as it has a reputation for having good waves and is right on the coastline, this would be an appropriate place to have a festival as the surf competitions will be able to happen as the sea is there and the waves will be good, the themes of my festival are ‘wonderland’ which includes bright colours, unique costumes of day of the dead and world culture costumes, there will be a variety of music genre so that everyone will be happy with something and to show that the festival is all cultures, there will be many stalls where you can get food and accessories and competitions for skating, surfing and BMX,
Section 4:  Format (film, website, photography, documentary, animation)
The format of my idea will be a website page layout promoting the festival and where any information is needed it would be found there, it would also include photos, where you can buy tickets, and the line up. I will also produce my own line up showing the acts who would perform there, this also promotes the festival as it would inform the people who are interested who will be performing at the festival this would make the people want to come more so they can see their favorite acts.
Section 5: Who are your target audience? identify their demographic not age
My target audience are people who attend festivals and love most music, people who are easy to get along with and enjoy spending time with other people. Also people who are up for a good time.
Section 5: How will your project meet the needs and expectations of your target audience?
My project will meet the needs of my target audience as I will suit it to them as best as I can, and I will make my festival look appearing to my target audience by picking certain music and creating a good atmosphere hoping most people will enjoy.
Section 6: Evaluation of skills needed to meet requirements (approx. 150 words)
In order for me to create this project I will need to research previous festivals to get a better understanding of how festivals work, I will also need editing skills to promote my festivals this means photoshop skills to create my website design, my line up poster, and flyers.
Proposed research sources and bibliography (Harvard format)
https://youtu.be/bkAEzu7ydJc  Boomtown after video 2016


https://youtu.be/AtdnWYqbMwc  Tomorrowland after video 2016













Project action plan and timetable
Week Date week


Activity / what you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / what you will need to do – including access to resources




13/03/17 Project plan Word/power point




21/03/17 Project plan Word/PowerPoint




22/03/17 Research Power point/ internet




29/03/17 Research Power point/ internet




12/04/17 Research/ start shooting  Internet




26/04/17 Shooting Internet






28/04/17 Editing Photoshop




5/05/17 Editing Photoshop




26/05/17 Hand in WordPress




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