unit 7:4 Evaluation

Unit 7 evaluation

Unit 7 involved four categories: The interactive assignment, the presentation, the planning of our film and the interactive video.

The interactive media assignment was 700-1000 words, within the assignment I had to give a definition of the term interactive media and give examples. We also had to explain how the audience participates in interactive media and go through the positives and negatives of interactive media. We then spoke about Traditional media and explained how it is used and who is it used by, I then said the positives and negatives of traditional media. The last thing that was included in the assignment was interactive videos and explain the positives and negatives, how they can benefit companies, any technical issues you should consider before making an interactive video and any narrative problems

The presentation started off with things that revolutions link to the next slide explained the plot of our video which involved the location the characters a small amount of information about them and their aim. The synopsis was after that talking about why they are going into Penzance. Next is the locations it tells you everywhere we planned to go, unfortunately some of these places were bordered up so we were unable to get in there. The next slide showed the job roles these which were acting, filming and editing, in the slide it says that Pip, Logan, Harvey (myself) and Alfie were acting but we changed that to Pip, Darcy, Alex and Jowan for actors. It also says Harvey was to film which I did and editing Pip and Harvey which we did. The next slide was characters and this described the two main characters- Lee and Hendrix, it explains their personalities and how they deal with things. The options slide was next, this told you the options that would be appearing in our video these were take the knife or don’t take the knife, steal the bag or don’t steal the bag, fight or flight, left or right, iPod or supplies. Unfortunately we were unable to add all of these option and was only able to get one which was the steal the bag or don’t steal the bag. Next was the type of shots that will be included in our film: pov, wide shots, mid, panning, close ups, long shots and over the shoulder, we managed to use most of these shots. Our last slide included all the sounds we planned to use such as music and sound effects: birds, water running (stream), wind, footsteps, car horns/alarms, gun shots, shouting, dogs, aggressive shouting. A few of these sound effects were featured.

The third category is the planning, it involved a plot summery which is a sort brief of the video, the mise en scene which tells you what you will see in each scene, after is the step outline this is the story of the video taking you through each point, after is our script telling you the change of location where the characters are going and what they say. The3 locations are next: Trevaylor woods, mennaye (pirates rugby pitch), and penwith college (photography studio), the equipment, props and costumes: this involves the camera equipment, any items we used to make our film more believable and what the characters wear. Our option choices are next and after that is the production Schedule showing all the stages when planning/making our interactive video. After the ghant chart is the storyboard showing all the shots and camera angles within our film. After is the mind map with examples of revolutions and finally is my mood board with a range of images that signify revolution and what our film relates to.

And finally is the interactive video its self.


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