unit 7:1 interactive assignment

Interactive media are products or services which rely on digital computer- based systems which respond to the user’s actions. It is a way of communication, the user gets to decide what happens, the users input results in the output.

Examples of interactive media: mobile apps, games and virtual environments, social media, responsive websites and interactive television.

The audience participates in this as they can choose the options within the media, they choose the outcome of the device, and whenever the audience participates in some sort of media it is called Participatory media. This is when the audience can play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating content, also known as interactive media.

The positives of interactive media: they make technology more intuitive to use, users are often encouraged to experiment with their products rather than reading detailed instruction manuals so they learn how to use to their phone.  The possible medical uses that it has as an augmentation for handicapped people, Computer chips implanted in a quadriplegic’s body, for instance, have been able to take the movement signals sent by his brain and interpret those as directions for a cursor on a computer screen.

The disadvantages of interactive media: one disadvantage of interactive media is that it can be intrusive. In some countries and cities shops use computer- generated voices, which are projected out in to the street to try to lure customers into the store, some people may see this as noise pollution. Another disadvantage is that they are delicate and can break easily, interactivity is enjoyable, but the act of continuously touching and manipulating an interaction interface can quickly wear those interfaces down.

Traditional media is any form of a wide communication which is available before the day of digital media. Examples of traditional media are: newspapers, radio, television, film and magazines.

New media is the future of advertising, it refers to the term of mass communication using digital technologies such as the internet. It describes the content made available through the use of computer.

Traditional media and new media are both used by business and companies, new media is also known as digital media, and it is more used to find out information, for example: questionnaires. Traditional media is referred to as old media, this type of media are the roots of advertising and is the most common type utilized by a business/ company.

An interactive video is a digital video that helps the user’s interaction through gestures, talking, or touching. People can participate in an interactive video, by either playing with game-like experiences, filling out forms. The audience can get involved as they determine the possible ending of the story, this can go throughout the whole story or just in certain parts.

The positives of an interactive video: links to social sites. You will be able attach a link to your tube channel/ video which directly takes you to your website, blog, etc. Promote older content. This is a positive because you can keep old content ‘fresh’ by linking to it with newer updates. Longer viewer attention, including an interactive content keeps the audience interested and makes sure that they are engaged with the video.

The negatives of interactive video: due to its high controlled nature, the audience doesn’t have much choice over the order of the options. Learning may become automated rather than meaningful. Interactive videos may become the educational technology later on in the years. (My opinion)

Interactive videos can benefit the companies commissioning them as they will become better known for the videos they produce and they will be able to include links to their company which will then make the audience familiar with it. It can also educate people, prevent crime and advertise their company.

One technical problem you should consider is that the audio in the video, may not be good as you thought so would have to double check. Another problem is the quality of the film may be hard to edit and put in the right order so your film makes sense.

One narrative problem you should consider when making an interactive film is to make sure that your video has a strong equilibrium disequilibrium and a new equilibrium. This will ensure that your film is engaging and will attract the audience.


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