Peer assessment


Poster 1: “the surfers code” title is very effective, good coloring, the rest of the information should stand out more.

Poster 2: Natural, spacious. Carving fits in well because its next to the actual carving. Could try a different font.

Poster 3:  title placement is very good, you could try a different font for the information in the sea spray

poster 4: Board lighting is cool and the placement of the information looks attractive, again , I think you should try a different font for ” A NEW DOCUMEMTARY”

Leaflet: picked the right pictures to use and a good layout, maybe improve the text layout on the double page spread



Poster 1: rearrange the text so it looks organized and make it all the same text, I like the colour scheme and the way the logo is presented

Poster 2: the positioning of the text is good and the colour blue represents surfing better, maybe have it all the same font

Poster 3: where the text is placed makes it look like its in the wave which is good, make the main title bigger and edit the logo more

Poster 4: rearrange the text, but the lighting on the board adds a good effect.

Leaflet: add some columns so the text looks neater, the colours go well with each other


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