final ident


This is the Progress of my ident for channel 4 rituals I have made the text the dog and the logo move but I’m going to make the sea move and create shadows for the model and the dog and also add a sub heading.First I got all my images in after editing them (making shadows for the model and the dog by making a copy changing the shape slightly, flipping it horizontally and making it black then Gaussian blur then turned the opacity down) then I created a timeline and changed all my my photos that I wanted to move to smart object I then made two key frames, one at the start one at the end. then put the image on free transform then moved it to where i wanted it to.


this is my ident now, i have finished adding the images in and creating the timeline, i have exported it onto premiere and then got sound effects that i got off sound snap and added them into the ident. changed the volume up or down on some of the sounds so you could either hear it better or less for example, i added a dog bark- i turned the volume up so you could hear it clearly where as for my voice of music i turned the volume down so you could hear the birds, waves and dog more clearer. i then added a cross dissolve to the visual so it fades out at the end.


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