Rituals Planning

Pre Production

my chosen ritual is surfing, i have chosen this as a ritual because it is performed by thousands of people everyday, it has been around for centuries and there his also a spiritual side which is seen as ritualistic

Explain how you will illustrate or convey your topic and how it will practically be produced. i will take photos of my model whilst he is in the sea and out of, i will get many actions shots (standing up/ wipe outs) i will also get photos of him waxing the board putting the leash on and walking down to the beach. i will include a lot of the scenery in my images because surfing includes a lot of the scenery and is quite respected so i will get the ocean, cliffs and sand and grass within the images.
Indicate the locations, environments or settings that will be used for your shoot and why these have been chosen. my location will either be porthmeor beach, gwidden or hawks point. all these are beaches which normally has good surf, it is not to far from my home and it is a nice scenery, this is why i will one of these beaches.
Huxley, my brother
i spoke to my brother when i was at home and ran through what he will have to do and when we were starting the shoot i told him the position to do.
I will start take all my images during the half term, this gives me and my model enough time in to get many photos.
week 1: research on surfing 4th- 7th oct
week 2: more research and developing ideas into a pitch 10th-13th oct
week 2: pitch 14 oct
week 3: skills building (photoshop,indesign,premire, logic) 17th-21st oct
week 4: started shooting during half term 24th- 30th oct
week 5: started to make posters for rituals channel 4  4th nov
week 6: carrying on making posters and existing products that represent surfing 8th- 11th nov
week 7: putting existing products together and adding information to sketchbook and
doing another photoshoot then making the leaflet for channel 4. 15th- 18th nov
week 8: stilling to the sketchbook and started making the ident 22nd- 25th nov
week 9: writing up the report about existing products relating to surfing 29th nov – 2nd dec
 week 10: finishing up the sketchbook, the ident and report 6th- 9th dec
I got verbal agreement from my brother,
Equipment list explaining what equipment you will be using.
List your props, set dressings, accessories etc. surfboard, wet suit, leash, bucket, case for surfboard, camera, wax.
Research into a range of existing photographers, providing a short description of each and create an image gallery of your chosen photographers.
Laurent Pujol

Pujol is a 42 year old former pro surfer from the beachside hamlet of Capbreton, just across the river there, from Hossegor, in south-west France. Five years ago he retired from the pro surfing game after his third shoulder surgery. A lover of adventurous photography, and inspired by the GoPro angles of John John and Kelly,



Quinn Matthews


Barely 19, Quinn Matthews has become something of a go-to photographer for the surfing magazines, Surfing and Stab. Quinn has the ability to squeeze a double-page quality photo out of even the most marginal conditions, either through innovative framing or approach to his exposures.


Domenic Mosqueira

Dom’s got roots in Canada and a background in Mexico but lately, he’s been spending the bulk of his days on the Pacific island of Tahiti. The rest of his days are spent trotting the globe, camera in tow, while chasing the world’s heaviest waves. His style of photography is known for his willingness and ability to put himself in the most precarious of positions.



I was speaking to my model I ran through what he will have to do and I took some practise pictures first.


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