This is a piece of my photography that i took whilst at college, it has motive space which mans there are a lo of things to look at within the photo. there is also an implied line from where my friend pip is looking. and there is a bit of colour in the photo as well


Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 14.05.57.png

this piece of photograpy has the rule of odds in it as there are three people in it, it also has colour and implied lines from where Lionel is looking it also has diagonal and horizontal on the building and railing.


in this there is the rule of thirds because the window is right in the middle, it has a variety of texture and has organic lines (the curve), horizontal and vertical lines on the window.

Shutter speed

Shutter speed: the amount of time that the shutter is open.

shutter speed controls the movement seen in a photograph.

As the shutter speed changes, so does the amount of light

big hole = more light – fast speed

small hole = less light – slow speed

Must balance aperture and light

slow shutter speed


fast shutter speed


slow shutter speed


fast shutter speed



Nadav Kander 

He was born on December 1st, 1961, in  Tel Aviv- Israel he is based around London and as well as being a photographer he is also an artist an author and a director. he is known for his portraits and landscape photography. he started taking pictures when he was 13, he used a Pentax camera whilst working in a darkroom printing aerial photographs he new he wanted to be a photographer so then he moved to London in 1986. he still lives there now with his wife and three children.

examples of his work:

Image result for Nadav Kander     Image result for nadav kander landscape

Richard Avedon

He was born on May, 15th 1923 and died October 1st 2004. he was was an American fashion and portrait photographer. he was born in New York and was part of a Jewish family. is interest in photography emerged when he was 12, he joined a ‘young men’s Hebrew association camera club’. In 1944 he began working as an advertising photographer for a department store, in 1945 his photographs started showing up in Junior Bazaar and, a year later, in Harper’s Bazaar.


Image result for richard avedon photography   Image result for richard avedon fashion photography

Pieter Hugo

He was born on October 29th, 1976 in Johannesburg- South Africa,  he is a photographer who works with portraits, his work includes both documentary and art traditions with a focus on African communities. His photography deals with unusual groups of people such as honey gatherers in Ghana, Nigerian gang members who bring hyenas or baboons on their rounds to collect debts, boy scouts in Liberia, taxi washers in Durban.


Image result for Pieter Hugo   Image result for Pieter Hugo


Floria Sigismondi

she was born in 1965 in Pescara- Italy. she started a career as a fashion photographer. She came to directing music videos soon after, her photography and sculpture installations had solo exhibitions.


Image result for floria sigismondi photography   Image result for floria sigismondi david bowie

Gregory Crewdson

he was born on  September 26th, 1962 in Brooklyn- New York,  he graduated early from high school, As a teenager, he was part of a punk rock group called The Speedies.  in the 1980’s he studied photography at Suny purchase, his photographs usually take place in small-town America, but are dramatic. They are often disturbing, surreal events. His photographs are normally staged and lit using crews familiar with motion picture production.


Image result for gregory crewdson photography  Image result for gregory crewdson photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson

he was born August 22nd, 1908 in chanteloup-en-brie – France. he was a humanist photographer and considered a master of candid photography. He pioneered the genre of street photography, and conceived of photography as capturing a decisive moment


Image result for henri cartier-bresson photos  Image result for henri cartier-bresson photos



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