My name is Harvey I’m 17 and I am a level 3 lens based media student at Penwith College and has just finished my first year here. During school I never thought editing/ creating products was what I was interested in, but after receiving my GCSE results and doing well in media studies in year 10/11 I decided it was a strong point of mine and carried on with it in college. Since this year has passed I have learnt many new skills on various sites such as Photoshop, Premier, InDesign and Logic.

I was born in London but moved down to Cornwall at a young age and have lived here ever since, my interests include: Editing, football, rugby, skating, music, festivals and composition,

When making products I try relate my ideas to my interests, like I had done for my Rituals and Wonderland project Within the Rituals project I research about surfing, when it was invented, how it has changed over the many years and all the different aspects. And also used my own photos of the model surfing preparing to surf and after surfing. And for Wonderland I created my own festival and the promotional material for it using my own photos.



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